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The booking process is now complete. An official itinerary (in PDF format) will be emailed to you shortly once payment is confirmed.

You must produce the following at check-in to receive your boarding pass:

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  2. Valid passports (for international flights) or photo ID (for domestic flights), and
  3. Valid visas (where applicable)

You may print this on-screen itinerary for your reference, but it is not admissible for check-in at the airport. If you do not receive your PDF itinerary within 1 hour, please contact our call centre. For your information, check-in counters open 2 (two) hours prior to scheduled departure and close strictly 45 minutes before departure. For all flights departing Dhaka and India only, and all Scoot flights, check-in counters open 3 (three) hours prior to departure and close 1 hour before departure.

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    Depending on the point of purchase, additional fees (such as airport purchase service fees or travel agent fees) may apply. These fees should be advised at the time of purchase but will not be outlined above. To save costs, we recommend that you consider purchasing in advance all required add-ons (such as excess baggage) to your booking directly through the tigerair website.

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